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Strong Swimmer

Each time that I walk out the front door

a new muscle is born. 

And with every tear

I’m filling the ocean, 

That I’ll swim next year. 

And, Oh what a strong swimmer I’ll be, by then. 

Oh, what a strong swimmer I’ll be in the end.


This is the beginning of Strong Swimmer, a song by Shelby Earl. A contemporary song, it already seems timeless. Its appeal is harrowing and it’s spreading fast, and it seems to flow right into a New York Times article about products all around us that may threaten our future.

Quoting New York Times

Perhaps you were expecting another column about political missteps in Washington, and instead you’ve been walloped with talk of bad swimmers. Yet this isn’t just a puzzling curiosity, but is rather an urgent concern that affects reproduction, possibly even our species’ future.

Andrea Gore, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Texas at Austin and the editor of the journal Endocrinology, put it to me this way: “Semen quality and fertility in men have decreased. Not everyone who wants to reproduce will be able to. And the costs of male disorders to quality of life, and the economic burden to society, are inestimable.”

Human and animal studies suggest that a crucial culprit is a common class of chemical called endocrine disruptors, found in plastics,  and countless other products. Because of the environmental links, The New Yorker once elegantly referred to the crisis as “silent sperm,” and innumerable studies over 25 years add to the concern that the world’s sperm are in trouble.

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