Revenons à nos moutons

learn a little French Say it, sing it, spread it around!

The literal translation from French is – Let’s return to our sheep. Let’s return to the matter at hand. For PureMan this means houses and landscapes that are free of fossil fuels and unnecessary chemicals.

Returning to the matter at hand is a simple concept that our great-grandparents must have understood. Imagine a dream in which they come back to us, and PureMan hands them a list of all the chemicals you are using in your house, and in your cleaning products, and in your carpets, and in your beds, and in your kids’ pajamas, on your earth. What would your great-grandparents think? This has been giving PureMan nightmares. He’d much rather stick to seyances. 

But he knows now the solution is simple. Use that natural ball of hydrogen fusion in the sky and all of the genius that nature has to offer. PureMan knows he can make a difference, at home and in the world. His globe is always spic and span because he spit-shines it every morning. 

Still have questions? Watch these video clips: