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Keep the Happy in Foam :)

The word foam calls up such nice connotations. It is that special coffee drink the barista makes for you with a leaf magically drawn on top. That special morning brew obviously means your day will be a good one <!–more–>because people you surrounded yourself with this morning care about your perky morning habits. But here is where the needle on the record player scratches across the vinyl, making that horrible sound.

The foam that is sprayed inside your house is not magical and is not a delicious treat sitting on the top of your latte.  Yes, it makes your home warm, but it is not making your house a happy place. Just look at the people who come to your house to install it.  They show up to work at your house in hazmat suits, breathing oxygen out of an air tank. If it was so safe….. they would breathe it.

According to the EPA, Diisocyanates, chemicals commonly found in spray foam insulation, are “well known dermal and inhalation sensitizers and have been documented to cause asthma, lung damage, and in severe cases, fatal reactions.” Once exposed to these chemicals, even the tiniest subsequent exposure can have severe health effects.

Why would you want to expose your family to the following illnesses and conditions?

“Systemic symptoms include headache, nausea, faintness, anxiety, a decrease in blood pressure, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), itching, erythema (reddening of the skin), urticaria (hives), and facial edema (swelling). Systemic effects (those affecting the body) that are related to the pharmacological action of amines are usually transient.  Typically, there are four routes of possible or potential exposure: inhalation, skin contact, eye contact, and ingestion.”

There are ways to make your home healthy, happy and high-performance without using these chemicals.  Look at our project. It is one of two warm and safe homes, built without the use of spray foams.

Build a happy high performance life.

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