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Castles in the Air : living particle-free

WSJ staff writer Candice Jackson wrote. Alongside infinity pools and gourmet kitchens, more high-end developers and luxury-home builders are pitching a new amenity: freshly circulated, highly scrubbed air.

Building methods that minimize energy usage with a mathematically precise, airtight building technique, and the strategic placement of high-performance windows to take advantage of daylight and shade. Inside, the air will be filtered through a two air-exchangers, says Douglas Mcdonald, the founder of The Pure House, the company that built the home. Pollen-free fresh air will circulate into living and sleeping spaces; other air will be removed from kitchens and bathrooms, where odors tend to accumulate the most.

Fed by such concerns as the occurrence of indoor mold and the growing prevalence of asthma, demand for such systems has grown, says Barry Stephens, business development and technology director for Zehnder, a Switzerland-based company that sells energy-efficient ventilation systems.

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