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Be the Change?

Global warming is a big scary problem, and big problems seem unsolvable, so the result is we end up just moving on and completing all of our everyday tasks. But, what if you could be the change, what if you could make a difference? Reading in the New York Times about the seven newly discovered planets that have their own Goldilocks sun, with water and maybe even life, gives us an undeniable sense of hope. This hope rises up because we realize how important life is, and how lucky we are to have our very own Goldilocks sun keeping our planet neither too hot nor too cold.

What if we used science to design our houses, cars and lifestyles so that we are neither too hot nor too cold, and we become the positive change? With good design and today’s building science, a family can decrease it’s consumption of fossil fuels by 80% to 90% while also improving their independence and personal luxury. We have a choice to either look down for oil, or rise up and look up at the sun.  Call the Purehouse design team today to start designing a new lifestyle, and be the positive change.

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Stop using oil. Design a high performance house, use a high performance e car. Have a high performance life.

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