Why all-electric? Because it is efficient, proven, simple technology—and it is not fossil fuel. You can make it. PureMan teaches this. You can make electricity by rubbing a red ballon (or any color) on-top of your hairy head. Now all that hair sticking straight up. That’s electric science. Tied to the grid or off, we can harness the power of the sun in the sky to energize your mechanical and electrical systems, to warm our water and heat our homes.  Design and engineering are conspiring to make beauty. Science and performance are here. It’s hippy modernism. But don’t expect PureMan to ever like patchouli—it won’t happen.

80% of the electricity generated is lost during transmission
80% of the energy supplied to a conventional house is lost through poor building design
100% of the chemicals used on your bed linens are not good for you
10% of PureMan’s paycheck is spent on avocadoes, which are green