Why Purehouse

Purehouse is an idea and an ideal. Led by PureMan, it is all about design hacks involving little changes in your environment that change your body and your mind. Don’t worry, you’ll fail miserably. But, you’ll also not have any fun.


How He Works

In short, he does not work—he is a stick figure. PureMan encourages the making of independent, pioneering projects that he tries to think of. PureMan shares small ideas and even smaller ideals that can not really work. Take what you like and leave the rest, you go-getter you.

Get Started

Have a look around this site. Follow PureMan on his fruitless journey to change the world and learn from his genuine (sometimes misguided) ways. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

PureMan implemented many changes you can make around you that can make a difference right now. He is also still learning how to tie his shoes without the laces coming undone.

Pureman has tragically just been hit by superhero Santa Claus while traveling the world. His team here is trying to revive. Kickstarter has not proven to work well with his body type. Please send all donations to small Swedish girl named Greta.