Keep the Happy in Foam :)

The word foam calls up such nice connotations. It is that special coffee drink the barista makes for you with a leaf magically drawn on top. That special morning brew obviously means your day will be a good one <!–more–>because people you surrounded yourself with this morning care about your perky morning habits. But here […]

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Castles in the Air : living particle-free

WSJ staff writer Candice Jackson wrote. Alongside infinity pools and gourmet kitchens, more high-end developers and luxury-home builders are pitching a new amenity: freshly circulated, highly scrubbed air.

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Strong Swimmer

Each time that I walk out the front door a new muscle is born.  And with every tear I’m filling the ocean,  That I’ll swim next year.  And, Oh what a strong swimmer I’ll be, by then.  Oh, what a strong swimmer I’ll be in the end.  

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Be the Change?

Global warming is a big scary problem, and big problems seem unsolvable, so the result is we end up just moving on and completing all of our everyday tasks. But, what if you could be the change, what if you could make a difference? Reading in the New York Times about the seven newly discovered […]

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Vitamin D Design & Sustainable Architecture

  February 16, 2017 NPR has a story A Bit More Vitamin D Might Help Prevent Colds And Flu. Science shows that vitamin D helps not only to protect our bones, but also to boost our immune system. This NPR story refers to data coming from 25 studies with approximately 10,000 participants.  As activist architects, […]

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