All Electric

Purehouse specializes in an all-electric, high performance lifestyle. Why all-electric? Because it is efficient, proven, simple technology – and it is not fossil fuel. Tied to the grid or off, we can harness the power of the sun to energize your mechanical and electrical systems, to warm your water and heat your home.

Tesla entered the marketplace with a high performing, all-electric sports car, called the Roadster. It changed the face of all-electric cars, by being sexy and able to travel 200+ miles per charge. They then made the Model S, a full-size luxury sedan, which gets 315 miles per charge, or the equivalent of 89 mpg.

The music has changed. The politics have changed. FedEx now has large electric trucks all over NYC. This is the time to recognize that your family can have the safety, performance and style that an all electric lifestyle can provide. Design and engineering are conspiring to make beauty. Science and performance are here. It’s hippy modernism. We are doing better.

We put all the pieces together, from beds to sheets, face soaps, and ventilation. Let the Purehouse design team start working on your next project.

80% of the electricity generated is lost during transmission – we can do better.
80% of the energy supplied to a conventional house is lost through poor building design.
100% of the chemicals used on your bed linens are not good for you.

More importantly, you sleep better in a Purehouse.